Business and Miscellany

This has been a landmark week in Get A Grip World.  I officially exist as a limited liability corporation.  I spent some time pondering what the name of my empire will be (I sometimes think in terms of Oprah…).  I wanted it to have significance, and to evoke a sense of expectation and curiosity.

I am Galore LTD.  Isn’t that fabulous?  What’s better than galore?  There’s never a galore quantity of something bad (unless it’s being described sarcastically, and I get that, because I speak sarcasm).  Galore means there’s more to come so you better keep your fork.  A synonym for “galore” is “a-go-go” and I don’t think it gets more awesome than that.  Galore is abundance.  Galore is having enough to share.

Galore is also my favorite album by The Cure.  I mean, I know it’s a greatest hits compilation, but it’s SO great!  Just Like Heaven?  Possibly the best song ever written.  I remember being at a party in the early 90s, and they played this song and EVERYBODY sang along and it was just joyous.  That right there?  Total galore.

ANYWAY.  I’ve always loved the idea of galore, and when it occurred to me that Galore could be to me like Harpo is to Oprah (again, I think big), I knew it was right.  It felt right.  I didn’t even have to ask if it was stupid (do you ever do that? have what you think is a great idea and then tell someone about it with the qualifier “is that stupid?” Me too.) because it fit.  So there we are.  Galore.

In other news, I have a newsletter that is getting rave reviews!  You can sign up for it over there—> in the sidebar, up at the very top.  It’s weekly, so you don’t have to worry about suddenly getting a million emails from me.  It’s utterly spam-free.  It’s readable in five minutes or less, and it has links to fabulous things that you won’t find here.  It’s the Friday Huddle-Up, and I’d love it if you gave it a spin.  No pressure.  Well, not much pressure.  You can always unsubscribe and I won’t hold it against you (for long…).

Here’s to Galore!  Cheers!


The Posse of Ninja Moms

I am blessed, make no mistake.  Sometimes I look at my life, and I think, “Dang, girl, you really fell into a good situation in spite of spending most of your 20s making bad choices.”  Opportunities and encouragement are bountiful, and I am endlessly grateful for this.  It’s not that nothing bad has ever happened to me; rather I believe that even the bad things have helped me end up here, and every day is a victory.  Seriously, it’s a world of Galore, and a big part of why this is so is my Posse of Ninja Moms. 


Back in my college days, my Ninjas were my girlfriends, filling up my speed dial. We weren’t moms then but we were already laying the groundwork for subsequent incarnations of ourselves. We laughed and cried and fought and drank celebrated together.  Through the years, I’ve added to my circle of friends, which is very easy to quantify, thank you Facebook…  And now, instead of calling one person at a time when I need help with something, I post a bat-signal on Facebook to my Posse of Ninja Moms. For real, these ladies, many of whom I’ve only known online, share their wisdom, empathy, funny stories, advice, attagirls, and support.

I love it.  I just love that my friends do this.  I love that friends will email me, requesting that I float their issue to the Ninja Moms.  It’s so fantastic, these amazing women who take the time to help each other out.  The range of responses to a call for the Posse to rally is impressive.  We’re all at different stages in our motherhood, but nobody is discounted outright.  New moms are given just as much credence as old established current veterans.  There is no judgement, no condemnation.  The Ninja Moms do not tolerate Mom On Mom Hate Crimes.  We discuss pros and cons of the suggestions, and it can go on for 100 posts with email follow ups.

It’s a growing phenomenon at our house, too.  When Boo brings us to our knees with whatever at that moment makes us the Worst Parents Ever, Mr. Incredible will suggest that I take it to the ladies and see what they think.  What’s fabulous about this, is that either we are given a foundation for a solution, or (at the very least) we are reassured by the knowledge that yes, this totally sucks but is completely normal, and no, this isn’t permanent.

A century ago, I’m sure that there were Posses of Ninja Moms–I like to think that they had conversations just like ours as they were quilting, or putting up the tomato harvest, or having tea on the Titanic (100 years ago next month, can you believe it? I’ll never let go, Jack!).  A century from now, our great-granddaughters will gather around the space-watercooler or send a telepathic space-message (I’m so high-tech and I think in terms of innovation, yes?) to their Space-Posse about some space-tantrum their kids won’t stop throwing.

I hope that everyone has her Posse of Ninja Moms.  I don’t know where I’d be without mine. Boo would likely have turned feral by now, that’s for sure.

The First Post…

…in which we begin to spell out our parameters.

Getting a grip is hard.  You probably have a grip on quite a few things already.  One more grip might just be too much.  My hope is to help you determine what’s Grip Worthy and what can be Let Go.  The stuff that’s truly worthy if being gripped?  Always manageable.  I can help with that too.

Everybody’s grip potential is different.  Some people thrive when they have a lot in their grasp. Seriously.  I know we fantasize about how That One Neighbor/Other Mom/Colleague/Whomever with the perfect life cannot possibly maintain that forever and we secretly (or not…) hope we’re there when she blows because it’s JUST NOT NORMAL.  For her, it may be just fine. Or not.  She may be here too.  Don’t worry about her.

For the rest of us, so much of it is just a burden of static.  It’s just noise.  It’s a show we put on for the people around us.  It’s the way you feel when your shoulders are up and your head is down and you’re bracing against the barrage of whatever just keeps coming.

Some of it can just go around you.  Not all of it, of course.  There are things that are genuinely important that deserve the attention you give them.  Those are the nouns, the Proper Nouns, on which you will get your grip.  The rest of it?  Let it go.