House Blast 2013

On January 1, I got a wild hair and posted some crazy talk to the Get A Grip Facebook page.  I’d stepped back a little bit from organizing, mainly because it was starting to feel kind of contrived.  Declutter!  Take control!  Blah blah blah!  Whatever!  I needed to find a focal point.

I called it House Blast 2013, and the response has been astonishing (in a good way).  It’s a pretty simple concept:  in the course of this year, we’re going to do a guided, motivated, realistic overhaul of the stuff in your house.  Every day except Sunday (even God rested on Sunday) I’m going to post a task, a goal, an idea, a plan, SOMETHING that is going to lead you in the direction of getting organized, room by room.

I think it’s important to lay down some assumptions, so that we’re all on the same page.

  1. This isn’t your #1 priority.  You’re not anxiously anticipating my daily offering.  You’ve got other stuff going on, and my words, no matter how wise, are not going to dictate your life.  It’s cool.  My hope is that the One Extra Thing that I come up with for you to do is something you can fit into your day without it becoming one MORE thing, which is something else entirely.
  2. You have different rooms than I do.  One month, we may do “guest bedroom” which may translate into “extra room where junk goes to die” in your house (like it does in everybody’s house, seriously…).  We’ll need to trust each other, and adapt.  I’m open to feedback.  If the current month’s room doesn’t have a place in your floorplan, don’t panic.  There’s bound to be something close that will be applicable.  Stay with me.
  3. Not Everything Needs To Be Perfect.  For realsies.  Most of the time, good enough is good enough.  This is about living on the path of least resistance, and not having to dig through a mess just to get through the day.  I read this article on Lifehacker, about Clearing to Neutral.  That’s all we’re doing, just resetting the space and taking it back to the starting point.
  4. I will occasionally post pictures of my actual home, in the interest of Full Disclosure.  In these pictures you will see that my actual home is not perfect.  There are spots and stains and stuff on the counters and all the things that come from living in a home like a real person.  You will also see, hopefully, that when a home is organized, when the aforementioned detritus of daily life is dealt with on a regular basis, it becomes manageable.
  5. I am always going to be open to requests and suggestions.  I have a pretty good idea of how a bathroom gets piled up, but you may have something going on that I didn’t think of.  Tell me.

Five things.  I like that.

January is obviously the master bathroom, or whatever bathroom in your home in which you get yourself ready in the morning.  February is going to be the master bedroom.  Mid February, I’ll let you know what March’s room will be, and so on.  We’re going to focus on the rooms where you and your family/housemates/pets spend the most downtime, which means we’ll be creating your very own soft spot to land before we worry about fixing the “company” spaces.  Your home needs to be comfortable for you, and once it is, it will be more comfortable for anyone else who swings by.

For those of you who are new to Get A Grip, here’s a link to The First Post of the blog.  I started this as a sort of escape hatch from my actual day job, and it has become a lot of fun for me.  I write like I talk, which means there may be a little bit of cursing (you’re welcome to do so as well, but let’s keep it PG-13ish if we can…).  I understand that there’s nothing more personal than the contents of your home, and that some of the things we hang on to are kept for reasons other than utility.  We’ll talk about it here and on the Facebook page, and you can email me at anytime if you want to chat one on one.

If you like what you’re seeing, stick around and tell your friends.  We’re going to keep this nice and easy.  Again, this isn’t about making your home into a perfect palace, because that would be impossible to maintain.  This is about being able to sit down at the table to eat a meal, knowing what you have in your house and where you put it, and not panicking if someone calls you and says “Hey I’m in the neighborhood and I’ll be there in 10 minutes!”

We got this.


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